Nature walk

boy in the woods


  • cloudy and dark
  • ice fog
  • river bend
  • warm winter day


  • dog sniffing
  • whacking of wood on wood
  • crunching  snow underfoot
  • cars from nearby road

small things

  • white
  • grey
  • ochre
  • red
  • brown


  • three black feathers
  • three little mammal holes
  • large hollows in the snow, grouped in threes or fours, on the deer trails.  Deer overnight?
  • nature repairs moods
  • nature repairs a strained relationship
  • large cocoon
  • small stars pretending to be seeds

River Bend Park

I fought the urge to brighten these photos, for it was the urge to get out despite the heave skies, the delight in the colours found, the freedom within the grey that delighted me. With brightness, it would have been a lie, a fake experience that implied our real walk wasn’t good enough.  It was.  Dark despite the fact that it was 3:00, it still changed my mood and his.

He didn’t want to go.  “Nature walk?” he moaned.  “Just ten minutes?” I begged. “My soul is just yearning to get out of the city.”  “Oh, alright,” he said with heaving sighs.

Ten minutes multiplied.  Ten minutes would have been happily more than an hour if we had not had a time constraint.

“Now, consider what a culpable waste of intellectual energy it is to shut up a child, blessed with this inordinate capacity for seeing and knowing, within the four walls of a house, or the dreary streets of a town.” Charlotte Mason

Of course, I wonder why she wrote ‘child’ when ‘human’ would have been true.


6 thoughts on “Nature walk

  1. Lisa says:

    Wonderful quote from dear old Charlotte. I second the recommendationfor “Last child in the woods,” which was my 2008 “Must Read book” I’ve pestered everyone about it. I love the mood of the pictures–so “north” and so “winter.”

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for not brightening the photos. Thank you for your honesty. I look forward to starting our homeschooling journey soon. It really does help to hear that it isn’t always easy, and bright. Hearing the realistic accounts that you share with us helps give me the confidence I need to know that I, too, can homeschool my child. Your family is a great source of inspiration for me.

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