A Quote and a Question

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“Men become builders by building houses, harpers by playing the harp. Similarly, we become just by doing just acts, brave by doing brave acts.”   Aristotle

Is there some area in your life (or that of your children, homeschoolers) in which a focus on theory and study is keeping you in the stage of ‘thinking of’ rather than ‘becoming’?


4 thoughts on “A Quote and a Question

  1. Theresa says:

    So many things. It would be hard to choose just one. In fact, my new years resolution this year was to move beyond the thinking stage in many areas of my life. To engage more in the world around me, to act out my philosophy.

  2. Linds says:

    Love that quote!

    We’ve been ‘thinking’ about getting serving as a family for awhile. We continually think of opportunities to do so, like the food bank, but haven’t done it. I’ve also been ‘thinking’ of opening an etsy shop but haven’t. And ‘thinking’ of putting together a small cookbook to share my allergy friendly and refined sugar free recipes. Hmm…time to act I think.

  3. ChristineMM says:

    Not right now.

    But I have been in that trap in the past. I was majorly worried about teaching my oldest to read and read umpteen books on teaching theory (before I needed it). Then when it was not easy I had to read more to learn more which was a reactionary mode.

    Right now I’m still trying to figure out how to make adjustments for one son for his LD dysgraphia. A big change this year was realizing learning was harder for my very right brained learner who was using more left brained methods. Also now that I realize the other kid is very left brained I’ve given in and given him more of what is easy and better for him even though I personally didn’t want to do that kind of HS work with my kids.

    I feel these changes and adaptations are necessary. Actually last summer I resented the fact that I was feeling kind of forced to learn that stuff when all I wanted to do was relax and have fun that summer. LOL.

    Something that seldom gets discussed in HS circles (or unschooling circles) is when we have to abandon OUR own preferences or what we feel is right and best when we realize our kids prefer or need something different.

    I stopped unschooling for that reason (my son was not thriving with no structure and begged for to do lists and goals and deadlines and assignments) and the crowd that was the most judgemental and shunning of our change was the unschoolers! It was like I got booted out of their club. But with unschooling SUPPOSEDLY supposed to be about meeting the needs of the child and being flexible to what they want or need, well some are not open to that if what the child needs is something contrary to their definiton of unschooling. That whole topic bothers me.

    Not sure if that goes on up in your part of the world or if it is an American thing. (My experience was with cyber friends from all over USA and with Connecticut unschoolers).

  4. tbird says:

    Replying to above – yes, I think this is a fairly common thing everywhere (I’m in the UK where “autonomy” is the buzzword), if you dare to change your educational style it is somehow seen as selling out, it’s a shame as the real sell out would be persevering with something that just isn’t working! A friend of mine had to take the tough decision to send one of her 7 children to school as it was becoming damaging to their relationship to have him at home. The rest stayed home and now things are so much better but it was really hard for her to abandon her hopes and dreams for him in order to allow him to be who he really is.


    Reply to Q&Q on my blog as ever!

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