A new season

season for oranges

It’s the season for oranges. The world is grey and white and blue, but the supermarket is full of heavy oranges, soft mangoes, ripe bananas. The warmest colours for this chill time.  I am surprised every year.  A season of contrasts.


6 thoughts on “A new season

  1. patricia says:

    I love citrus season too. Here in California, my Meyer lemon trees are looking bejeweled and lovely, we have satsumas, and this was my potted orange tree on New Year’s Day:

    new year's day in CA

    The weather has been record-settingly warm here this week–in the 70’s. Nice, but then I see all the snow on your blog and others and I sort of feel like I’m missing winter altogether. Isn’t it strange that it’s been extra cold over much of the continent this week, and extra warm in other parts?

    Snuggle up and enjoy those vibrant fruits!

  2. GailV says:

    The other day I bought a couple of bananas when I went to the grocery. I felt guilty for taking them from their warm store, where they could dream of their native tropics, out into the icy air. It just seemed so … wrong.

    Sometimes I like the promise of warmth that the fruit holds. This year the contrast is too great, and I feel colder when I think about eating them.

  3. graciousapril says:

    Yum…I’m with you. And oranges taste so much better in the winter. Almost like our bodies are starved for them.

  4. connectedroots says:

    I just found your blog. I like it here. I *love* your mindful homeschooling page. As a theory junkie, with a craving for a free mind, this just got right to a tender spot. I’ll be back! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lisa says:

    I thought of your “quote” posts today. I’m listening to “Thousand Splendid Skies” by Khaled Hosseini. Somewhere around disc 3 there was a thought-provoking quote about snowflakes and desperate women. I was driving, and don’t have a print copy or I’d give it to your exactly. I thought it would be good for discussion or even art journaling…..Have a great week!

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