Last Minute Handmade Gifts

Wrapping for Friends

We’re getting to the time when we crafters are either spending time on holiday activities or crafting while wishing we were done and actually spending time on holiday activities.  Thanks to my early October freak out, we’re just about done everything.  Thank goodness.

Here are a few easy, quick gifts that will still impress:

Delicious gifts from the kitchen at TipNut including flavoured sugars and vinegars, liqueurs and popcorn seasonings.

Last minute delight: printed fleece scarves.

Grooviest rock gift idea of the millenium. It would probably take 4 minutes to make these, including shopping for the supplies.  Since my mother collects rocks, I’m rather insanely excited by this one.

As ever, they’ll be added to the monstrous list of handmade gift ideas.


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Handmade Gifts

  1. Kim says:

    All brilliant ideas, as I’ve come to expect here…

    I’m trying desperately to find brown paper bags like the one in your photo– yet another product seems to be curiously absent in Turkey– and I need them for the Christmas cookies I’ve baked as gifts! Ack!

  2. Cheryl says:

    What an adorable gift bag your picture shows! tee hee

    I am ***lovin*** the printed scarves (hey, now I know what grampa’s getting … he was the last holdout on the Christmas inspiration list), and those rocks are neat – I especially love the giant doorstop rock. My mom also is a rockaholic, and would love to receive rocks in any form for a gift.

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