A Quote and a Question


“Is an exciting new improved Christmas every year really necessary? Is it in the spirit of the Solstice? The human heart hankers after stability and tradition. The feel and atmosphere of Christmases past, the anticipation of those to come, and the magic presence of Christmas now should all blend and blur, to give the distraught soul something to hang on to in a year bedeviled by new improved machines, soaps, music, spectator sports and recipes, many of which will prove to be dull, destructive, and sometimes downright damnable.”     Elizabeth Zimmermann

What is the core, the kernel, the essence of the season for you?


8 thoughts on “A Quote and a Question

  1. JoVE says:

    That question might at the heart of my general lack of enthusiasm for the season. I agree so much with that quote. But I can’t find much to get behind. Everyone else is doing things so we do things. And some of the decorating and baking and making things are nice. But on some level I could do without it altogether.

  2. Ann says:

    For me, Christmas is a time to ponder an enormous Mystery, to feel very small, and deeply loved.

    And thanks for your beautiful and inspiring blog.

    xoxoxo A.

  3. Butterflygirl says:

    Winter in general for me is a time of solitude. It’s dark and lonely, but comforting; time to reflect within myself. The season of Christmas?– well…I could really do without it too. It really has no essence for me; the only word that comes to mind is disquietude. The idea of the ‘new and improved’ or ‘giving’ seems to only lend itself to sadness and anxiety (at least that’s what I see around me). I love to give just like the next person, but the demand of giving within a particular season just seems ridiculous to me. And than again…I do love making gifts for the ones I love and there is something about doing it in the dark season of winter around a cozy fire while listening to Bing. Cozy Simplicity. I guess the gist of it all is in the memories/traditions and what we do or make with them. ?

  4. Tinkermama says:

    Mystery – hope for the world is placed in the arms of a small child, snow covering the earth, getting more in giving away.

  5. skywind8 says:

    For me this season is about making personal magic.

    Sometimes it’s the magic that sparkles in the eyes of a three year old when she goes WOW on Christmas morning, awed by the change in her living room and the wrapped boxes of possibility piled in front of her. Sometimes it’s the magic of discovering what I love, what I need, who I am, as I take time for myself. Sometimes it’s the magic of moonlight on snow in a silent night, that tells me that all my human worries are small and life and the earth are large and beautiful, and I can be at peace. Sometimes it’s the magic of Mom and Dad’s or Grandma’s cooking, as they pull out their special dishes to enjoy, where scents and routines create memories and joy.

    Sometimes it’s the magic of newlyweds trying to have their first (chaotic!) Christmas for themselves, where differing backgrounds and traditions clash and miscommunication runs rampant, and still somehow love makes it all worth a laugh and a second try.

    And always, always… it is taking “nothing” and creating a story out of it. Whether crafting or gifting or cooking or just being together… something out of nothing is magic.

  6. Sarah says:

    This season has been particularly hectic in our household as I try to blend my childhood traditions with new traditions that will give meaning to the season apart from the Christian aspect. My husband is still Mormon, I am no longer, but my oldest daughter (4) is an intensely imaginative, spiritual child. I need to develop traditions that answer that need for her because of my personal need to counteract the religious aspect of the season. Solstice has provided many possible traditions. These new traditions are meant to blend with the old traditions to give her a taste of my husband’s beliefs while giving her an ‘out’ for her need for wonderment in her life that is not connected to Christianity.

    So that’s a *really* long winded way of saying that this year is consumed with making an ‘exciting new improved’ Christmas for both my children and myself (that hopefully my husband will enjoy also). A Christmas that can blend and blur from here on out.

    This was a great question for me, to help me sort all that out in a concrete fashion.

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