Another round of inspiration


We’ve had a few days of snow and a few days of sunlight, a perfect mix. There is a magic to the light of late afternoon on freshly fallen snow. Almost entrancing. I keep hearing, “C’mon, Mom!” as I try to capture it. I love the contradiction of golden light producing blue shadows on fresh white snow.

Round up of online ornament tutorials at Dabbled

653 Patterns to knit with less than 300 yards of yarn

Family photo house.

Quick knit for the cyclists in your life: Bike Helmet Earmuffs

Handmade notepads?  Oh, my goodness, why haven’t I read about this earlier in the season?

Can’t believe I haven’t added this yet: go paint your own ceramics – piggy banks, serving platters, mugs, etc.

Chunky mittens with snowflake embroidery: Warm Mittens

And while you’re at it, why not handmake your own fabric labels to sew into you knitwear or sewing?

From paper shoes to the best envelopes around, here are some great templates to get your brain cells jittery with inspiration. Here are even more templates for cards and boxes, including matchboxes.  Making little matchboxes, decorating them to the hilt, and hiding tiny treasures in them is such fun. Check out this photo or this one or this dramatic black and gold one for inspiration.

Embroider or trace these cute elves on something.

Memory Jars.

Very inspired by this pillow by Vickie Howell, embroidered with her kids’ art and words.

Fabulous wire knitted earrings in the latest issue of

Daily holiday inspiration and patterns at Lime and Violets’ blog – Advent features. I particularly like the delicate knitted leaf wreath.

Framed family tree.

I hope to have the Big List of handmade gifts updated today.


3 thoughts on “Another round of inspiration

  1. Marce says:

    So the bad news is that this the first time I’m visiting your blog (slaps forehead), so I’ve clearly been missing out on all this deliciousness.

    The good news is that this is the first time I’ve visiting your blog, so I have much deliciousness to go back and enjoy!

  2. Lisa says:

    OMG–those earrings! Maybe my hand would not go numb for THAT small of a knitting project! And, my daughter would so kill for them!! Thanks!!
    [had to laugh though at the memory jar thanks to last night’s “Clean house” and the guy with his icky extracted teeth in HIS memory jar!]

  3. ChristineMM says:

    In the photo, great mix of textures and nice light.

    I especially love the blue shadows on snow and when the snow itself looks blue. I’d love to capture full moon light cast on the ground covered in snow, it is so blue, but so hard to photograph.

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