A Quote and a Question

Going through the kids’ photos from the trip this summer and rediscovering it through their eyes has been incredible. I found this one the other day. Sandra knows her way around Picassa and had decided that it looked better black and white. It takes my breath away how she has allowed me to see myself doing something that was so vital to the whole experience, the window she gave me on my own memories. And, as a mother, the opportunity to see what she sees of me.

In Brugge

“We have the opportunity to model for our children that art both great and small is happening all around us all the time, and that these transcendent, transitional moments of grace are to be captured in the soul. As fortune favors the prepared, creating a life that allows for effervescent moments to be experienced, I think, is something that is a calling.” Laureen Hudson

Stop for a moment and see the daily, common routine of your lives through the eyes of your children. What would they say of its texture and the presence of effervescent moments of playfulness and beauty?


2 thoughts on “A Quote and a Question

  1. Kay says:

    I think…my girls would say we laugh. Alot. Having grown up in a pretty humorless family, I really wanted my own family to be less preoccupied with appearances and more engaged in fun. Maybe they would add that we talk (almost too much?) about everything in detail and with much explanation. When I met my husband, I told him any prospective father to my children would have to pass the “pull over” test…..that is, If we see something interesting or odd or fascinating, we pull over. We don’t brush off the interest as if it were a bad idea or nuisance. We look more closely, and enjoy the opportunity to be curious together.

  2. Christine says:


    Yes! What a beautiful quote. My children would say – if they were a little older to articulate it – that too often I am distracted by my undone list and miss the moment’s beauty and the – art – of this moment. It’s my nature to appreciate the beauty and art of the simple everyday moments, but the sheer number of routine tasks makes this more challenging for me at this season of my life with young children. I keep reminding myself – when I say but it’s just so busy right now – that life will always be this busy and not to miss the beauty in this moment. I am so grateful for your quotes and reminders and example.

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