a better world

The river bends and sweeps

I realized I forgot to tell you that you have until Dec. 16th to post a comment about your efforts to make a better world, what ever they may be, on the ‘Do What you Can’ Challenge in order for your name to be entered into the drawing for some Good Mail.

One of comments read as follows: “I can’t compete. Maybe it’s the season of our lives (children age 2 and 5 at home all day hubby at work from 6:30 to5) or maybe I am just slow with accomplishing my work here. Regardless, my efforts to give this year and do for others are simple ones. I aspire to broaden the scope in the years to come. . . .”.  I haven’t been able to get that out of my head since I first read it.

This is so close to my heart.  Parenting isn’t what we do until we can do more.  It’s the most important difference we’ll ever make in this world. Period.  Nothing can have a greater affect on the planet than caring for our small people, taking them from small, unformed beings and guiding them as they become active persons.  Sending two people (or three, or six, or whatever number)  whole into this world – not full of holes, not seeking to fill empty spaces – and sending them with a sense that they are capable, knowing that they can seek adventures, and alive with compassion, oh, that is powerful indeed.  Think of how many situations they will influence in the course of their lives.

Smiling at them.  Sitting on the floor in the middle of a hard day and letting them climb over you.  Reading to them.  Teaching them how to blow their noses. Feeding them when they are hungry.  Making sure they have mostly clean pants to wear.  Teaching them to laugh in the woods on a dark night.  Feeding them when they are hungry again.  Showing them that you need tending, too.  Helping them write a thank-you card.    Laughing at their jokes.  That’s certainly making a better world.


5 thoughts on “a better world

  1. Kim in ID says:

    “Parenting isn’t what we do until we can do more. It’s the most important difference we’ll ever make in this world.”

    That is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you, Sarah!

  2. Karen says:

    I was thinking about this on Sunday, sitting in church listening to a guest speaker talk about the importance of December 6. In speaking about one of the community workers after the service we got around to the fact that often violence is perpetrated on women because they don’t believe they deserve better. She talked about the fact that often things turn for a woman because on one simple seed, a comment from a friend or stranger that they are worthy of different, better, more. One of the greatest gifts we can give future generations is children who are not only whole but who can appreciate needs beyond their own and feel empowered to act in whatever small ways they can – because those small things, even just a shared awareness can change so much for others.

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