Yet more handmade ideas

gingerbread garland

Handmade Holidays website at Blogspot – full of great, simple ideas and printable freebies.

10 Elegant, Inexpensive Gift Ideas at Step Lighter.

Lots of inspiration at 30days.

Burda Style’s free sewing patterns for gifts.

Got an active kid?  Simple but really wonderful Japanese bean bag tutorial.

It may be pink in the example, but this tutorial for a custom camera bag would be super for the guys.

Oodles of tutorials at CraftStylish.  Gifts and decorations alike.

Perfect stocking stuffer for the sock-knitter in your life, or great to send in the mail: DPN protectors tutorial.

As always, these will be added to the big list.  I add them at the bottom of the relevant categories, if you’re looking for a simple way to scan for updates.

I won’t be adding them immediately, though, since it’s mid-afternoon and I have the house to myself for a few hours.  That happens approximately…well, it happened today.  So I’m going to get busy with my own gifts.  I finished two yesterday and two the day before that, which is good, because I am working on everything in bits and pieces depending on who is around and I was starting to feel like I was working like crazy but never crossing anything off my list.  Whew. To Do list got smaller and I felt better.


One thought on “Yet more handmade ideas

  1. Kim says:

    I’m feeling the same way about being very busy with Christmas crafts and not being able to claim a victory of completion for any of them… yet. I WILL finish. (I have to keep chanting that to myself.)

    By the way, I have nominated Handmade Homeschool in the Best Hobby Blog category at Blogger’s Choice Awards. Everyone please pop over and give Poppins our vote!

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