Paper and Stitches

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Our Monday night craft group is having a card-making session in a few weeks.  Everyone is going to bring ideas and supplies for three different cards.  We’ll put our sample card and supplies in a bag or container and enjoy ourselves as we grab a set from someone else and build a copy from their sample.  So cards and Christmas ideas are on my mind.

Today at lunch I sketched out the idea for two tree stamps to carve and then I sorted through the papers I have on hand that might work for my card  ideas.  Until now I’ve just been making gifts; this is the first explicitly Christmas project I’ve undertaken.  Combined with our first snowfall, it seems like the season is definitely shifting from fall to winter.

Paper links:

Simple holiday cards

FamilyFun card ideas

Card idea issue of Kids Craft Weekly

Stitch links:

Free sweet embroidery patterns keep popping up these days.

Andrea Zuill’s are a combination of birds and oddly sweet creatures.

Nature Studies gone crafty: Huber Hof Academy has a traced leaf embroidery tutorial.

Sublime Sisters have springtime bees, and a gnome and penguins.

Nini Makes has a family of Christmas trees to embroider.  Think of the table runner, or a framed cloth, or a stocking…



4 thoughts on “Paper and Stitches

  1. Angel Funk says:

    Hello! I love your blog, I believe I found it on Mom in Madison’s blog.

    I dried some flowers from my garden and am wondering how I can make cards from them. Any ideas?

  2. Lisa says:

    Love the leaf embroidery–goes so well with this week’s challenge at Handbook of Nature Study. The birds in the first link make me feel old–“Partridge Family” birds!!

  3. JoVE says:

    I like that Zuill one of birds and then scrolling through her archive found that she had a great xmas reindeer one posted at the end of Nov 2007.

  4. ChristineMM says:

    The card making party sounds like a lot of fun!

    I have wished that I was part of a collage group. I’d love to have nice friends to hang out with for six hours or so, once a month and hang out and sift through images and make collages, art journals, ATCs or whatever medium we wanted to do. (But I have no time to set up such a thing.)

    Your stamps are fantastic. Good job!

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