Being Inspired

Watching the children create – watching the play of ideas flow through their minds and then through their fingers into projects for people so important to them – is an incredible experience. Parenting can be so fascinating. Watching children express their personhood is stunning; and when people create they reveal.

I wish I didn’t have to wait weeks to share photos of all the projects brewing in the house. As I do, here are a few photos of other things that are inspiring me at a distance.

November Inspirations

1. holiday “Heart Felt” ornaments, 2. Flower Tam, 3. knitting needle roll, 4. 3 Trees, 5. Tumbling Santas All Wrapped Up Christmas Card, 6. Noro Striped Knee-highs, 7. Bicycle Carved Stamp, 8. Balls?, 9. Stamp mook – japanese stamp book, 10. Teeny Tomte, 11. Merry X-mas, 12. noël-christmas ornaments

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Also inspiring me:

  • Couldn’t resist snapping up “Gifts to Make” magazine in the store today. A marvelously eclectic mix of craft types, many great ideas, cool page matching the gifts to occasions
  • Thoughts of knitting the Wabenschal in a luscious multi-toned yarn keep swirling around my head.
  • The idea of a tucked-away space in Sandra’s closet. Wouldn’t a desk and shelves like this be so incredible. Like a jewel box for creativity, perfect for a tween.

6 thoughts on “Being Inspired

  1. Kim says:

    I’m enamoured with the stamps. And the closet nook.

    As always, having read your newest post I’m leaving the computer dripping with inspiration!


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