I’m swimming furiously to keep myself above water here.  So much to do, yet I don’t feel like I’m getting enough done.  It’s a feeling that leaves a distasteful sensation, and induces a low level of panic. Among the many things I have been accomplishing, one keeps me smiling, makes me breathe deeply and pause for a moment.


Red to match our family’s soccer team. Superwash to make it easy to care for. Now to knit the twisted stitch sweater that will be Tias’ Christmas gift. But first, I’m going to tackle the mittens he desperately needs before the snow comes and that will serve as my swatch for the sweater.

Many blues

What an utterly satisfying and addicting process. Presto! Beautiful colours! I can see why people get into the indie dyeing business. I did my best to get a subtle shading in each batch. I didn’t want just one flat colour. I love yarns that shift through a colour’s many shades.  It seems to make my heart sing as I knit up a handmade piece of crafty goodness.

The yarn is Swish Superwash Bare from Knit Picks and the dye is from the Jacquard dyes they also sell.  This is my first time using acid dyes and the intensity of colour is just breathtaking.  I’m going to try again sometime, and this time I’ll mix up things and see if I can get less primary and more sophisticated shades.

“Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something that is beautiful or to discover something that is true.” Willian Inge


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