A grain of salt


“Guys? Ya know why I was outside so long? Because I tied a slip knot around myself so I could be a prisoner and then it was so tight I couldn’t open it. I tapped on the window and Mom came and helped me.”


“You’ve got to take that with a grain of salt…”

Funny things, photos. That’s the same boy, the same yard, the same hands that held those beautiful bulbs as in the last entry. It’s even the same camera. Yet the feeling, the story, the setting all seem completely different.

It makes you more aware that visual snippets are merely the barest slice out of the three dimensional sphere that is a life.

I almost didn’t post it because I was feeling so embarrassed about the state of our neighbour’s fence. But it’s her fence and it really is realistic to put it into my Project 365 photos. It’s real and it’s part of our landscape and there’s no sense in pretending to my internet friends – or myself – that I live in some fictitious dreamscape.


5 thoughts on “A grain of salt

  1. LadyLauraKay says:

    Have only been following your blog for just a few days but this post really struck a chord with me!
    Isn’t it disappointing when you have something you want to blog about but you have what you consider to be a disappointing picture? What to do? Tell the story without a photo, post it anyways, or forget the post?

    We all live in the real world (or most of us anyways) and not every moment we capture on film (or digital camera) will be pretty. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with the photo you used with your post!

    I get a kick out of the blogs that are “real”; not staged–where you sometimes see something on the floor, or table top, or someone is having a bad hair day. It makes them more real, more everyday, more believable and likeable.

    But that’s just one woman’s opinion–take it with a grain of salt. [humor intended].-Laura

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