This is the second year in a row that I have felt a little wistful about Socktoberfest. I love the idea – a month to focus on the joy that comes from knitting socks. The process, the products, the fabulous hand-dyed yarns…knitting socks brings a lot to the table, and you even get to wear perfectly-fitted socks in the end. So it was with a slightly melancholy disposition that I realized that I am again focused on things other than socks in October. The family’s extremities must be protected from winter and my nesting urges to knit for them must be followed.

But then I noticed that I was noticing this in part because I was watching the Socktoberfest Flickr pool as a slide show…the entire time I was running. And I thought to myself, “You grafted the end of your first Nutkin sock yesterday and today you are watching pictures of socks flash past for 9 miles! 9 miles, girl. 97 minutes of slow, easy running and eyeballing socks. If that doesn’t count as a celebration of socks, what does?”

And then I thought of a way to finally use the mock magazine function at Big Huge Labs and I was tickled pink. Sweaty and red in the face, too.

Socktoberfest. Knit long and prosper.


4 thoughts on “Socktoberfest

  1. Michelle says:

    9 miles of socks! LOL

    I have a pair on needles from last spring that keep calling me from the knitting basket(: Maybe I should finish them for myself for the holidays.

  2. Charity says:

    This is great! If only we could find a real magazing like this…

    Question about your Nutkin – did you find it incredibly twisty? I’ve been planning on knitting a pair of these, and have noticed several people on Ravelry have had trouble with twisting.

  3. prairiepoppins says:

    Charity, I did get biasing going on in my sock. On the Ravelry page she does talk about this. She says that if you are even one stitch off on knitting the hem row together it creates the twist. Since this is my first knitted hem, and since my sock looks great from the heel turn to the foot, I believe her. I wonder if I got it right on the second sock. I haven’t knit enough to tell if it is twisting around.

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