Inspiring me this weekend

Julie Bogart’s blog A Writer’s Life in Brief is again on my radar now that I’m back with regular in-home internet.  Her writing curriculum The Writer’s Jungle is a beacon of sanity and inspiration, and as I read and plan for our upcoming school year it is providing a solid platform upon which I plan to have us build our whimsical castles of knowledge.

SouleMama’s posts on putting away produce for the year is tying right into my autumnal nesting instincts.  Her book The Creative Family is on my table and I’m reading it with delight and astonishment. I wish it had been there for me when my kids were younger, but there is still a wealth of encouragement and ideas that are inspiring me.  As we get ready to have a Buy Nothing New/Handmade holiday season, I have a feeling that there will be ideas here that will spark the kids’ creative impulses.  And I am totally intoxicated by the notion of tranfering the kids’ drawings, particularly their earliest ones, onto cloth and embroidering them. An idea full of texture and nostalgia and love.

Ali Edwards’ idea of documenting one week in photos and words: documenting your life It’s this sort of concept, the idea of seeing your everyday life and documenting it, that lead me to try Project 365.  Taking a photo a day for a year may be too much but try making a small book of photos and stories about your life.

Not only the beautiful patterns for knit and crochet leaves, but also the peaceful impulse behind the project at The Tikkun Tree Project. A few green leaves may find their way into an envelope from Canada.


4 thoughts on “Inspiring me this weekend

  1. tikkunknitter says:

    Thanks for your kind words, and your support for the work of the Tikkun Tree. I look forward to adding your leaves to its foliage.

  2. Julie says:

    Wow- what an inspiring post. I love the idea f documenting your week. That has come at the perfect time for me! And the leaves are georgeous. Maybe there will be some coming from the UK too!
    Thank you.

  3. Patricia says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, Prairie!

    I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for documenting your fabulous trip. We’ve done a fair amount of traveling with our kids, but never to that part of Europe, and never for such a long period. It was fun to travel along with you.

    I started following your blog around the time you left for your trip. Now I look forward to your adventures in “normal” life.

    I see that we share some of the same inspirations!

  4. gwnn says:

    As always you provide such great thoughts with amazing links! My girls are all wanting to improve their writing skills and my youngest even wants to write speeches. So, your link to The Writer’s Jungle couldn’t have come at a better time! We have decided to go the route of ‘un-schooling’ or ‘child directed’ learning this year. It has already been a huge improvement for us. I think that what The Writer’s Jungle offers would fit in well with that from what I looked at so far…Especially the Writing and LA Evaluation & Planning tools. And then of course there is your creativity. Someday I will actually knit something! Your leaves are gorgeous btw. Thanks for sharing once again!

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