Wonderful and Wee

After I knitted a few more leaves, yellow this time, I decided that if I wanted to knit something low-pressure and sweet, I might as well knit a baby hat for my cousin’s baby.

Rollin' Baby Beret

It was so satisfying to work on. The pattern is Baby Rollin’ Beret, from the uber-talented Woolly Wormhead. She lives in a small bus with her family and has a pared-down existence that I find so fascinating to peek in on. Her patterns are so sculptural, ranging from romantic and nostalgic to wacky.

I had dyed the yarn for another cousin’s baby sweater, and loved working with the smooth softness of the Knit Picks Bare yarn, watching the yellows and pinks play across a row. The idea to add embroidery came right at the end, and once I’d thought of it, the idea of a brim without a bird seemed so naked and forlorn. It was inspired by Doodle Stitching, a new book I gave myself on our first day back from Germany. I’d been eying it for a long time and felt it was finally time to give in to its wonderful whimsy.

Beret Swirls

That project – and its incredible speed and deeply satisfying completed product – lead me to a brand new book from Woolly Wormhead. Wee Woolly Toppers is incredible. At £5, it’s a perfect addition to any knitter’s library. You get 10 patterns that range from sweet to funky. For charity or non-profit knitting she has a generous license, and she even has a generous small commercial sales clause. All of the patterns use a 50g ball of yarn or less, even for the toddler size. I fell in love with so many of the patterns that I think I’ll have to convert them for adult knitting or my cousins will be inundated with more hats than they can ever use. Because…


…the cover pattern is already done and blocked. Buzzbee seemed like a perfect companion to the Bird Beret – more autumnal, more funky, and earflaps in case Nadia grows into a baby who likes to remove hats.

Whimsy has given sway to more serious projects for the moment, like planning curricula choices, making schedules, and starting a sweater for Rainer.  But, should the need arise, I’ve got the wool and the needles for another leaf right nearby…

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.” – Elizabeth Zimmermann


3 thoughts on “Wonderful and Wee

  1. Katie says:

    I came across your blog from another blog – I am trying to find the pattern for the adorable cable knit baby hat you made for tadpole’s shower – is it posted on the site and if not, would you share?

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