little things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that grab at you and make you haul out your camera even though you might feel a little silly at the time. Like the rock-propped washroom sign that blends with the graffiti in a picturesque artist’s town along the Danube.


Or the tiny sign, perhaps 25 cm x 18 cm embedded in the old wall behind me as I took the WC picture and only noticed as we passed that way a second time. Small, unobtrusive, enchanting.


We are packed and fly tomorrow (tomorrow! the time, it flies). I’m journaling random lists of little things, the tiny pin-points of texture, taste, and experience that build up to make the whole. I don’t want to lose them, although you can never capture all of them. I feel driven to snatch at those thoughts that jump out at me as my mind inevitably reviews the months we’ve been here as we sort through our things. This pair of shoes that ran with me so many places; this Dutch receipt for groceries; this metal sunburst bought at the Handwerkermarkt at the Saubrennerkirmes; this stack of postcards meant to remind us of the beautiful things we’ve seen; this subway ticket; this journal of drawings; this map of bike routes.

Little things that build up the whole. Like the growing children before me, I want to gather them up, pin them down, be sure I cannot forget all the uncountable tiny moments that make up the real things of life.


2 thoughts on “little things

  1. golightlyplace says:

    Oh, you have had SO many great memories, I’m sure you won’t be forgetting. You’ll be living off the juices of this adventure for a long time, I’m sure. Any trip is life changing too: home will seem the same, but newly appreciated. It will also seem new, because now you have so many new perspectives. So, another different kind of adventure awaits you just by coming home.

    How lovely that you’ve been able to capture so much of your time in your art journals, your photos, and here. You can’t ask for much more than that. I’d say it was a vacation well-executed! Have a great trip home!

    ~ Nicole

  2. catalinakel says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I felt your joy and excitement at each posted spot, and, though a trip like yours is far beyond our reach, you have made the big world just a bit smaller for me here in the desert. bless you.

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