I have found both a way to upload pictures and 10 minutes of time in which to satisfy my mother’s wish: mouth-watering, envy-inducing blogging. I can hardly see the photos I’m selecting during the uploading process, so I can’t always tell if I’ve chosen the best of the batch.  Nonetheless, I want to get back to Vienna and the wonderful opportunities. Mom, I bring you the Torten:



Sachertorten eaten in the Sacher Hotel.  Lovely, lightly chocolatey with a layer of marmalade under the chocolate coating to add a little tang.  All the desserts here are just the right amount of sweet.  Not the kind of cake we tend to get back home that shouts, “SUGAR!” and overpowers the other ingredients.  This tasted of chocolate and gentle flavours.

Kunst Torten

 Kunst Torten

At the art gallery, we needed a break.  So we splurged on a coffee and cake kind of rest.  We each ordered a different kind of cake.  We took two bites and the plates were rotated. Trueffeltorte, Haustorte (nutty), Bruegaltorte, Kardinalschnitte (strawberry).  Again, just the right amount of sweet.

Coffee is served with little glasses of water here.  Because coffee makes you thirsty.  We’ve been drinking espresso, largely because it is only moderately expensive while all other coffees are very expensive. We either order a “Kleiner Brauner” or a “Grosser Brauner”.  But Kaffee Verkehrt also tastes good.  Starbucks didn’t invent renaming coffees.


4 thoughts on “Torten

  1. Schwester K says:

    My mouth is watering already, then you go and mention the fact that you’re drinking espresso…. ::melts::

    I love the idea of marmalade under icing! It would be amazing.

    You’re bringing me back a cake, right? Cuz that’s totally do-able. I know it. 😉

    16 days till you come home! Can’t wait to see you all.

  2. prairiepoppins says:

    Katie, it is super delicious, but it isn’t icing – it’s a creamy layer of chocolate. Just to make your envy more specific.

    Hotel Sacher sells 800 pieces of Sacher Torte per day, but they bake 1000 per day because they sell whole cakes in wooden boxes, shipping them world-wide. Apparently they’re good for 10 days, so if you’re in the mood to spend a pretty penny and spoil yourself, here’s a chance!

  3. gwnn says:

    Oh my….my mouth is watering too. Everything is just so beautiful though, you have to savor it with your eyes first. I also like the rotating share.

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