Trier mosaic

We packed so much into our week in Trier that it is much like this mosaic in my mind: bits and pieces all jumbled together in what you hope is a coherent narrative.

churches and Roman sausages

sketching and light shows in the tunnels of the Roman baths

bouquets and blue doors

self-portraits to remind me of the oddness of weather that requires both halter tops and scarves

shopping in the crowded downtown

the massive Porta Nigra

the Olympic Games and knitting

running along the Mosel and picnicking at the Matthias Church

giving the kids the map and letting them plan our walking route

Brot und Spiele (Roman reenactments)

Trier Mosaic II

(clicking through either mosaic takes you to the links to the separate photos…and all of those photos are labeled)


3 thoughts on “Trier

  1. Tammy says:

    Sarah ~ Love the mosaic and have enjoyed your writings about your travels. Curious to hear how your selection of art supplies held up, what you would have changed, etc. Enjoy.

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