1. German fries are consumed with mayo, or with mayo and ketchup, for the most part. After an initial reaction of horror, I have over the years come to see this as a perfectly acceptable luxurious indulgence when snitching from someone else.

Fries up close

2. There’s no oil spray for cooking here. No Pam. It’s not tragic for my cooking but for my popcorn. I love the low-fat popcorn in the evenings. How to make the salt stick?

3. Eggs come in packages of 6 or 10. Not 12. And they’re not refrigerated in the store.

4. Quark is indeed superior to yogurt. I am admitting this in public, Rainer. After years of resisting your preference, I now agree. Quark rocks.

4. Bran Flakes. None to be found. Not even knock-offs. In a country apparently obsessed with fiber, there are no bran flakes.  Corn Flakes, muesli, a thousand variations on chocolate-coated chocolate chunky chocolate funky… Every cracker, every cereal, boasts of its fiber content and invites you to take part in its 10-day/14-day Wellness Program to improve your regularity and happiness. Not usually a problem, since I don’t eat cereal, except as a snack or on yogurt, but I had got it into my head that it would be a perfect food to have in a hotel room on evenings when I was munchy, and now I have cravings for Bran Flakes.

5. The best things are the buns and the best buns are rolled in pumpkin seeds.  So incredible.  I’ve dreamed of them since our last trip here.

6.  Apple-date-fig tea.  No words.


5 thoughts on “Oddments

  1. Allena says:

    that tea, is it the really red tea? that’s the best if it is!
    i also really like the pretzels and the brats on the side of the road in the shopping districts!

  2. Fe says:

    We air pop popcorn… salt doesn’t stick. So I melt a little butter (1 tablespoon, for a 1/3 cup unpopped popcorn or thereabouts) and put it and the salt on the popped corn… then swish around.

    I have no idea how low-fat it ends up being… but it is enough to make the salt stick (I do it in a plastic bag, so I’m not sure if the warmth of the popcorn results in some condensation, that would also help it to stick… it certainly doesn’t seem soft afterwards).

    Eggs? Refrigerated at the shop? How odd!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    The eggs here in the UK are never refrigerated–takes a little getting used to. But as no one has ever gotten ill–there seems no reason to refrigerate. Though I buy free-range organic just to be safe!

    Still loving your adventure!

  4. Christine says:

    If you use a very misty-type of spritz bottle to spray just a mist of water above the popcorn (let it fall over the popped kernels vs. spraying right on them), the salt will stick better than with nothing.

    Always reading your posts and following your adventures.

    Christine of TX

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