Blink or you’ll miss it


~ or How to Draw when you’re Not Drawing ~

There are times when the perfect view presents itself and the camera or the sketchbook are not part of the situation. I’m running or riding in the car or on the bike and there in front of me a village nestles charmingly on the rounded crest of the Eifel Mountains or a valley of vine-hatched fields opens before me.

But, though I mourn the lost photo, I am working on drawing even when there’s no chance to capture the moment. One of the watercolour books I read before I left suggested it is important to close your eyes while you are in the composition stage. What can you still see of the scene? What jumps out at you? What made that view call out to you? With your eyes shut you can forget the details that muddy the scene and realize what is at the heart of the composition.

Try it. Close your eyes (or if you’re running simply fix the scene in your mind). What drew you to it? What are the lines that define that shape? What key colours shouted out to you? If you had to draw it in 30 seconds, what parts could you not leave out?

Blink. Or you’ll miss it.


One thought on “Blink or you’ll miss it

  1. Patricia says:

    Sounds like a wonderful exercise. The photo is lovely. I especially like the “valley of vine-hatched fields”–both the ones in the photo and the poetry of the phrase itself.

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