Perfect Purple Porridge

I start every day with porridge. Warm, comforting, filling, healthy, cheap…and a spoonful of heaven in every bite. Perfect with tea. In summer and the house is hot even as the sun rises, I often let it cool and eat it cold. When it’s homemade and full of fruit, it tastes good, hot or cold. We have two main ways of eating porridge – with bananas (chopped in after it’s cooked) or with frozen blueberries when the bananas are still too green from the store.

23Recipe for one hungry human:

1 c frozen blueberries
1 c water
1/2 c quick oats (just as healthy as other kinds, just squashed thinner and flatter)
pinch of salt

You’ll need a big bowl. It boils up and up and up, and with the frozen blueberries you’ll find you need to bring it to a boil a couple of times. Mix the ingredients in the bowl and microwave til it boils. It takes 4.5 minutes in ours, yours may vary. Boil again and again – usually in 20 second bursts. You might want to stir it once. When the whole surface of the porridge has gone glossy, it’s cooked. Sweeten to taste with honey, syrup, or eat as is. I like it as is.


4 thoughts on “Perfect Purple Porridge

  1. prairiepoppins says:

    A few things have led me to think that Americans call it oatmeal and Brits and Canadians call it porridge. Odd, really, that there would be a difference in language on that point.

  2. Kim says:

    Mmm… porridge. I used to make Scottish oatmeal for winter breakfasts before heading into the snow for my half hour walk to university.
    I loved my longish morning walk, fueled by warmth, milk, and applesauce.
    Thanks for reminding me of it! At the moment the prairies feel so far away and I need comforting memories.

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