Finding the right music for studying is important in our house – we have 3 people with very different tolerance for small sounds and different abilities to make small sounds without even apparently noticing…ahem.

The music needs to be wordless, because studies (and our experience) show that our brain is built to pay attention to the sound of words. So unless our lessons are set to song (and they’re not), words are out.

Our favourites:

* Yoga Music

* Baroque cello or quartets (baroque has a smoothness of intensity – Beethoven, for instance, is far too passionate and attention-grabbing)

* Moby’s “Hotel” album – so smooth

* Songza – this app is just plain awesome. It allows you to choose music by mood, and ‘working, no lyrics’ is one of their main categories. I especially enjoy the fact that the playlists are all prim – there are electronica and other edgy options that are still great for studying along to.

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