A few good things have come across my version of the internet lately (ie, the portion of the internet I visit). I’d like to share. Some for homeschoolers and parents, some for readers, some for knitters. ;-)

Melissa Wiley reviewed a paperless home organization book – and she’s someone I trust. If my brother-in-law, or some irritatingly smug mommy column recommended this book I’d glaze over, but Melissa, I get the feeling she’s my kind of human. Her recommendations are things I pay attention to.

The Cybils list of finalists are out. What are the Cybils? Well, you know how the Newberry Awards seem to give awards to books that nostalgic adults like to read? The Cybils give awards to books that young adults can’t put down. And the list of finalists certainly made me want to run out and buy them all in order to neglect everything but basic human functions while I read.

And now a link with really good worksheets and handouts for teaching German grammar. Is this exciting for you? No. But frankly the resources out there are a brain-bustingly dull group and this set is at least readable, to the point, and useful.

Knitters have probably already heard about this, but I can’t not mention the frisson of excitement that goes through me at the thought of sweaters made with CustomFit. Amy Herzog’s genius for pattern design married to her thousands of moments helping knitters find the most flattering fit. Amy’s basically put her brain into a computer and you can use it and your measurements to get a pattern written just to fit you. Actually fitting sweater. In so many styles.