Reading in bed

Reading ‘in’ Bed

Ender’s Game gets four thumbs up from our family. I picked it for our teen book club, before it was announced that there would be a movie.

Some of the kids in our group don’t read sci-fi, and one of my goals for this year was to explore various genres. I think this book is a shining example of why sci-fi exists, of what it can do that regular literature can’t. It excels at setting up structures that force us to enter into a dialogue with the narrative about morality, ethics, possibilities, and more. Sci-fi is made up of ‘What if’ questions in an engaging package; my first year philosophy class given characters and plots to turn the questions into page-turners.

Normally, Matthias, who is 13 now, doesn’t join us. He’s still working up his confidence in reading, not to mention his reading stamina or interest. This time, I told him he had to. I put my foot down, an unusual thing for me to do with him, my force-of-nature son. Then I sweetened it with an offer to pay him. Sigh. Don’t tell the homeschool police.. And at first he struggled along. Then I noticed he was picking the book up on his own. Then he was picking it up first thing in the morning. Still reading his page quota each day, but with interest.

He has 8 pages to finish tomorrow before 1 pm. He’ll make it. He’s loving it. He thinks it’s awesome. Reading with italics. That doesn’t happen too often for him.

Do you have recommendations for books he might like? He’s seen ‘Hunger Games’ but not read it.

I should go. It’s a busy day: soccer game to coach, supper to cook, pets to brush before the whole house fills with hair, Othello to prep for tomorrow’s Shakespeare co-op with another family, and I have 3 pages worth of questions to sift through before tomorrow for book club. There’s just so much we could talk about.

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