Next year I’m thinking of doing an Around the World theme for our homeschooling. 7 continents. (Although I’m thinking of doing Near East and Far East to bring it to 8.) I may have us watch the Brief World History course from the Great Courses people.

What should we read? Here’s what I’d prefer: nothing too long, something that touches a key aspect of that continent’s historic or cultural themes, rollicking good reads.

For North America, for instance, I have “To Kill a Mockingbird” in my brainstorm list.

For Europe, “Oliver Twist”, “All Quiet on the Western Front”, and “Three Musketeers” are options.

For Antarctica I’m wondering if a book about Shakleton’s incredible journey might not be memorable and enjoyable.

For Africa: “Mara, daughter of the Nile” and “Cry the Beloved Country”.

I’m also looking for movie recommendations.

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