One of the quotes I first transcribed into my commonplace book way back when I was just starting out as a homeschooling parent was “Homeschooling is less like a stir-fry and more like a crockpot.” Or something to that, because looking things up will mean I don’t blog today. In other words, while we want it to be speedy and have the satisfying sizzle of noticeable progress, it’s more a case of setting things up and then not lifting the lid to peek.

Every now and then, though, a crockpot lid jumps up with the pressure of the steam and the wonderful smell of Honey-baked Lentils or Chicken Provencal fills the room. Likewise there are moments in parenting when you know you’re getting it right. Like this one. Today I’m giving myself a gold star for a handmade welcome.

handmade welcome

His best friend’s family just went from 4 to 5. He knitted the dog for the ‘big’ sister and sewed the blanket for the baby just arrived.  Pattern is “Tofu the Gentle Dachshund” for those who’d like to know.

“The finest of all the fine arts is the art of doing good, yet it is the least cultivated.” T.DeWitt Talmage


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