I had a birthday.  I have an iPad.


(Apple has a back to school deal on right now, by the way.  Homeschoolers qualify!)

Now I need recommendations.  There are a lot of apps, as I’ve discovered with integrating my iPhone into my life.  The iPad is opening up a huge swath of possibilities, though:  Assignments,  Research,  Reference.

I did find an excellent UK website that has a breakdown of apps by area: iPads in Education.  Literacy apps, Sports, History, Mind Mapping, and categories.  Emerging Ed Tech also has a great list of apps that teachers actually use and find useful.

I’m still buried deep in questions.

iStudiezPro, for instance, looks like a brilliant way to mesh schedules with to do lists.  Can I assign them to my kids from the iPad to their iPods?  If I can, I’m a happy mama.

Cells and Cell Structures:  brilliant learning, or gimmicky shine and no substance?

Are Pages and Numbers worth the $10 tag?

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