Making a List


Checking it twice. Gonna find out if gift-making this year will be nasty or nice…

It’s time. Time to take the work of our hands, minds, and hearts seriously.

Last year we did a 100% handmade Christmas. It was a huge success: we found making things to give challenging but ultimately rewarding; people loved getting the gifts; and we inspired many of our friends to create more of their gifts. Our plan this year is to not impose a strict rule about handmade, but to encourage it and yet have recourse to the shops if the fancy strikes us.

Rainer and Tias had the hardest time, mostly because in their minds they aren’t as crafty as Sandra and I. I had put a lot of work into brainstorming a list of possibilities and that helped. It also helped that I tried to steer Tias towards gifts that had a bit of a 1-2-3-Presto! workflow. Big effects for little patience. The freezer paper shirt stencils, for instance.

You can see what I made here. And here is what the others made. Frankly, the memory game of our trip to Europe that Rainer made is probably the biggest hit of them all. Sure, the shirts are worn more often, but the game makes us talk, makes us happy, lets us share our trip with our friends.

I’ve got my knitting about half done for the year. It is a very good feeling. I started in January and have been stockpiling little bits here and there. The drawer the things are in is a nice place to visit – reassuring and squooshy.

Can you help? Let’s work together this year to make the list of gifts even more extensive and useful. Do you know of a few gifts that kids can make that people love to get? Do you have tutorials or pictures of finished items on your blog? Do you have great ideas knocking about in your brain?

And while I’m asking questions, how hard are bathrobes to sew? I’ve done a bit of sewing, but nothing too adventurous. Should I try to sew up a set?

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