Vest-uary. n. A time of celebration of the sleeveless.  Occurs in February. An excuse for a handmade party in a hard month. eg, I was thinking of making a washcloth, but decided to join the party that is Vest-uary.

I’ve got the yarn, a lovely sheepy colour:

A vest to be

I’ve got the pattern: Ticuna from Berroco.  Cables!  Cables make me giddy.

And, most exciting, I’ve got the homes for Vest-uary:

Vest-uary Flickr group

Vest-uary Ravelry group

Fun and games, baby, damn the windchill!  Come and join us.  The Flickr site is for any handmade vest pictures you’d like to share.  Sewn, crocheted, knitted, I suppose even decoupaged.

To get you thinking, here are a few more free vest patterns that you might find inspiring: