I’m not sure it was entirely chance that led Fire to be chosen as the first element for Project Spectrum 3.0. It can’t have escaped attention that February and March are cruel months. We here in Manitoba might see spring at the end of March, or we might not. These are months of white and grey and snow and ice. A perfect time for focusing on Fire. Fire as warmth, Fire as romance, Fire as inspiration.

Warming up

It’s snowing today, which means it’s warmer than it has been. Cloud cover is a layer of insulation, after all. “See?” that finger is saying, “-10, just right for enjoying.” But that doesn’t mean I’m not cold. I’m famous for my lack of heat-manufacturing skill.

Fingerless Fire

So it was with great relish that I cast on for these fingerless mitts on the first day of Project Spectrum 3. This was the very first sock yarn I bought. It was our last trip to Germany, and I hadn’t tried socks yet. I wasn’t sure I would like them, but since everyone was raving about small, portable, soothing socks, I thought sock yarn would be a perfect souvenir. This was in the local grocery store, beside the toothpaste, along with several bamboo needle sets. It was labeled “Canadian Colors”. It wasn’t til I got back to Canada that I found out that this colour was in fact “Manitoba”. Too crazy!

I’m half done the second one. They’re knitting up so fast. I’ll have gobs of yarn left from this 100g ball. I think I may try using it along with another colour for some mosaic knit socks. That sounds like so, so, so much fun that I’ve been aching to try it for months now.

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